Adjustable Dressmaking Mannequin SZ8-14 - Red

Adjustable Dressmaking Mannequin SZ8-14 - Red

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Adjustable Dress Making Mannequin Size 8-14 Red
Whether you're after one for tailoring your own clothing, making a dress for certain occasion, or just displaying your garment in the shop, having an adjustable mannequin is definitely a plus. Whether you want to make a simple skirt or a detailed evening gown, a dressmaker mannequin definitely make the task so much easier!
Our mannequin comes with 4 different sizes that can be adjusted with 13 dials - from neck to hip, gives you the flexibility of sizes to work with. They are ready to get pin, baste and slip stitch with whatever idea you have in mind!
Discover your creativity now, by starting with this mannequin.

*Nylon foam-backed fabric for pinning of patterns and fabric
*Waist length adjustment - longer upper body measurement
*13 dials - neck to hip
*Height adjustable stand with ruler markings
*Hem gauge with clip
*Easy to assemble
*Size: 14.5 to 16.0 inch; 36.8 to 40.6CM
*Colour: Red
*Fabric: Nylon
*Stand: ABS Plastic & Metal

*Neck 35-45cm
*Bust 84-100cm
*Waist 64-80cm
*Hip 36.5cm
*Height 140-180cm

Package Contents
1 x Adjustable Mannequin
1 x Assembly guide

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