Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Filter 1200LPH White

Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Filter 1200LPH White

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Aqua Aquarium Filter

Keep your tank water spotless clean with this advanced Aquarium External Filter. It features mechanical, biological and chemical filtration and provides deep thorough filtering power with even water flow distribution. Easy to use, setup and maintain, this aquarium is an absolute hassle free purchase.

Mechanical - removes solids such as uneaten fish food, fish waste, plant debris and dust from the aquarium.

Biological - provides housing for beneficial bacteria that break down dissolved solids (ammonia) to a less harmful form.

Chemical - maintains water quality by removing unwanted substances through chemical reaction, such as copper, chlorine, medications, tap water impurities, discolouration and dissolved proteins.

*Filter media not included with this purchase


* Mechanical, biological & chemical filtration
* Provides deep thorough filtering power
* Even water flow distribution
* Quick release tap system
* Reduces harmful bacteria
* Controls algae growth
* Voltage: 240V
* Frequency: 50Hz
* Output: 1200LH
* Power: 25W
* Input hose diameter: 13.5mm
* Output hose diameter: 18.5mm
* Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 39cm
* Weight: 3kg

Package Contents

* 1 x Aquarium Filter
* 1 x User Manual

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