Cholesterol Loose Leaf Organic Tea

Cholesterol Loose Leaf Organic Tea



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This blend from the MY ORGANIC TEA range is recommended for a healthy heart and lowering Cholesterol. My Cholesterol Tea may assist your heart function and overall health. Used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, this blend may assist in lowering the chances of heart disease. Consumed over time this blend may aid in decreasing the bad cholesterol and maintaining good cholesterol in and around the heart.


Artichoke leaf: A powerful herb for lowering cholesterol.

Green Tea: Regular consumption of green tea can lower bad cholesterol, not effecting good cholesterol.

Licorice: Restores and rejuvenates, calms the body with a sweet taste.

Echinacea: Immune building, fights bad bacteria in the body.

Hawthorn Berries: Beneficial for heart health, increases oxygen flow throughout the body.

Caffeine: Contains Caffeine. (Green Tea contains low caffeine levels)

Best results are achieved if you consume this blend on a regular consistent basis.

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Produced in AUSTRALIA from local and imported products.

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