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Available: 50g


Hibiscus, Motherwort, Chase Tree, Wild Yam, Ginkgo, Jasmine, Sage, Rose, Calendula & Love

Our herbalist Cherri shares her journey below:

This intense blend has been a winning combination for me personally on my journey of early menopause (you can read more in my personal journey-More than just the tea blog coming soon)

I was personally was riding a roller coaster recently when I discovered I was going through early menopause.

I've been through a wild time where feminine hormones are concerned and you can read all about that later in more detail. with me being hands on every day with these amazing medicinal plant I decided to come up with a blend that would assist me with some of the symptoms that were presenting to me on this journey.

Although there is quite a list of ingredients in this blend, I felt intuitively that they were all required for this mix. After testing and trailing this blend on myself for a duration of time I felt that it was ready to present to the market.

Some of the benefits I have personally experience whilst taking this blend were:

  • reduced flushing and sweating
  • deeper night sleep
  • greater clarity and focus
  • less mood swings and changes in mood in general
  • less irritability
  • a boost in libido
  • feeling more sunny in general
  • more energy during the day

Suggested brewing:

1 heaped teaspoon per cup, taste great cold, I would leave this in for the entire duration.

I recommend taking this tea each morning and afternoon for the first 6 weeks and then once a day for the next two month. Thereafter one day on one day off.

For more extreme symptoms:

Twice a day for the first 3 month and then once a day for 3 months, thereafter one day on, one day off for another 3 month.


Its always great to have a break of a week in between.